"Elopements are about bringing the focus of the day back to the two of you — choosing your love and how special your moment of saying your vows to each other is over everything else. "

-Adventure Instead

What is an Elopement?

Well its no longer what it use to be, It is much much more then what it use to be. Eloping is more like throwing away the traditional wedding rulebook and truly making your special day your own! design the day around just you two or maybe around you two and a few close friends or family. Instead of a big wedding, it’s all about the experience and sharing your love with your person in a way that feels authentic to who you are as a couple. It is about making it more of an adventure together going to your favorite locations, hiking or 4x4 up to a stunning mountaintop view or maybe even the place you first met. having your photos taken in a more epic and wild location, a non traditional location. Maybe a large wedding and partying into the night isn’t your thing or maybe you just don't want to combine the 2 into one fast day/night and you want to make it a 2 day event with an elopement on one day and a reception for everyone you love on another day, but what about a first dance? why not on a mountain top or with your toes in the sand? The only limit is your imagination, so do whatever makes you feel most alive and design an elopement experience that is authentic and uniquely yours that you will remember forever.

What a full day Elopement with me could look like for you

Elopement Timeline Ideas

Remember this day is all about you and what you want to make of your day from where you want to go, how you want to spend your time, the wedding traditions you incorporate or don't , Just because your not having a traditional big wedding doesn't mean you have to throughout all the traditional activities that happen! you really can tailor your elopement to suit just about any kind of day you want to have.

Starting your day

From the time you wake up to the time you hit the bed make every moment special, maybe you want to wake up in the morning at a beautiful Airbnb making your favorite breakfast together then relaxing on the porch drinking coffee snuggled up together, just being.

As you start getting ready for your adventure you decide to get ready in two different rooms while I am there to capture the hair being done the tie being tighten and the vows being written.


Whether it's at your Airbnb or in the mountains, there's gonna be a point where you see yourselves in your wedding attire for the first time and we should make it a special moment, I can help you plan exactly how it will happen. this is when all the ‘getting married’ stuff really starts to set in and the adventure really beings and I want to capture every expression and emotion.

The adventure

After the first look we can go onto your adventure weather that means 4x4 up a mountain or hiking up to an amazing view, exchanging wedding gifts with a little picnic, we don't have to just get to the destination for the ceremony right away we can make stops along the way, you want to kayak or a helicopter ride LETS DO IT! this is your day the full day is yours and I want to capture the full adventure.

The Ceremony & Vows

This is the key part that combines any or all of the wedding elements you've decided to include. After our adventure we make it to the perfect elopement spot just the two of you or you and some of your friends and family, if you decided not to do the first look at the Airbnb that's ok you both can get ready right at the elopement location and do the first look right there! we can truly design this day to whatever you want. An hour or 2 before sunset and we start the ceremony, you get to say your vows in a spot that represents the both of you! then we take some more stunning sunset photos then head back to your Airbnb.

Happily Ever After

We arrive back to the Airbnb, do a champagne toast and a marriage license signing, Maybe you hired a private chef that has a delicious meal waiting for you to enjoy or you have family already there cooking and you celebrate the rest of the night with the people you love eating your favorite foods and dancing the night away or chatting around a bomb fire.

I will help you design your timeline so if your wanting to start your day super early for a sunrise hike or drive I will help you design whatever it is that your wanting, I will give you activity ideas and if you need help finding the perfect Airbnb or location to have your ceremony or permits for a specific location I will help.