What made you choose Jcobb Photography for your Boudoir session?

I saw JCobb's boudoir photography images on my Facebook and Instagram pages. The images were beautiful and professional. I also knew Jessica from my past and was excited to support the business of a friend knowing I'd get high quality work.

What was your Favorite part about your session?

  • During the session, it felt like she was having fun posing me and playing with the lighting. I felt like she was excited about the images which made me feel really good about myself. I've always been really semiconscious about having my picture taken. Se kept it light and fun and I left feeling really good.

What was your takeaway from the session and your experience?

Even though you might feel vulnerable, Jessica has a talent for making you forget your flaws and feel beautiful in your skin.

Would you recommend a boudoir session to friends and family? and why?

Having a boudoir photo shoot done is an empowering experience I recommend for every woman!